Charged international fee Using VZW Wifi

Hello, I am currently in Baghdad, Iraq and I just recently paid off my Iphone 6s.  I've been a verizon customer since I can remember 10+ years and I recently just received my bill and its well over $500.  I disable my carrier option and also place it in airplan mode and my biggest concern is, how is it possible to for me to be charged international fee over wifi when I don't even use the carrier to make calls.  I do use what's app to make calls to non-iphone users and texts to those same people.  However, I shouldn't be getting charged over WIFI use.  I want and need answers because it's ridiculous for me to have to come out of pocket for a glitch or whatever it is.  I also check the break down on my bill and from July 2- July 11 I wasn't being charged and then out of sudden it showed the location which is Iraq and usage fees.  I just want some answers and if any representatives that can help me I am sure to be attentive.  I refuse to pay for a charge of something that should be free in the first place.  Thank you and I will be looking for any response to this matter. 

Re: Charged international fee Using VZW Wifi
Customer Service Rep

JTWalker86, I would be alarmed by this charge as well. If your device is in airplane mode you would have no cellular connection but could still use Wi-Fi for data connections. We do want to take a closer look at this and have sent a Private Message. Please provide the requested information via Private Message.


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