Charges when traveling

My husband and I will be going to Israel next month. We both have unlimited everything with Verizon. I will be paying the $10 a day unlimited travel plan for one phone only. With this plan can you also call local Israel numbers without a charge? Also If we bring the other phone with us will we be charged a fee if someone else calls or texts that phone. And if so how much. 

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Re: Charges when traveling
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relizabeth, that sounds like an exciting trip and we hope your travels go well. TravelPass provides the ability to use your standard U.S. plan. You can call local numbers based in the country that you are in and U.S. based numbers. There is not a charge if the other phone does not answer the call, however, there is a charge of $0.05 per text message received. We recommend accessing settings on the other phone without a travel plan to turn Airplane Mode on, which will prevent any cellular connections and charges. Then that device can connect to Wi-Fi to use data related services for free. Does this help?