Complaint: VZ Wireless International Calling Plan
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Prior to traveling to Spain and Morocco recently, we contacted VZ International Services in order to obtain a cell phone plan that we could use during our travels.  We opted for the $10/24 hours plan.  After signing up for the plan, we made subsequent calls to VZ International as questions arose.  On three separate calls, we were told if we placed our phones on “Roaming” and “Global” and “Mobile Data” off, the 24 hour period would not be initiated unless 1) we answered an incoming call; 2) we made a call; or 3) we turned “Mobile Data” back on so we could access the internet.  This was exactly what we were looking for as that would have allowed us to receive emergency calls, etc. concerning our families.

After arriving in Spain, we started getting texts stating that our 24 hour periods had been initiated.  Our phones were still set for “Roaming” on,”Global” on, and “Mobile Data” off.  We had taken no steps toward using our phones. 

When we called VZ International from Spain, the rep told us that unless we insured all apps were set not to auto update and that no apps were running in the background that our phones would auto initiate the 24 hour period based on app auto update/background usage.  She also said the only way to make sure that the auto initiate didn’t occur was to turn on the “Airplane Mode”.  Being in “Airplane Mode” completely defeated our purpose for having the plan.  She did refund the cost of the two 24 periods that had been auto initiated on both our phones.

To say the least, we are highly disappointed in the customer service that we received.  We were led by three different VZ International reps to believe that we could use our phones in a very specific way.  As it turns out, we were misled.  The VZ email also is misleading as it mentions the “Airplane Mode” but doesn’t explain that the phone may auto initiate the plan unless “Airplane Mode” is turned on.  It is not very pleasant to be on vacation and be surprised by a situation that was never explained to you correctly.  No one wants to be aggravated on vacation and have to call the cell service provider in order to understand what is happening!

Re: Complaint: VZ Wireless International Calling Plan

At least you were able to speak with a representative on the phone. When I called the 908 # provided after making me go thru menu siad no assistance at this time.

When I got back was charged for 12 days  when had phone on airplane mode except when in hotel wifi most of the days. And phone rep then said if file had been flagged he could have helped more, flagged meaning had I contacted them when away! Well I responded to their texts about sessions and tried to call and they were unresponsive.

And the chat/e-mail complaint system is a joke.