Confusion Regarding Travel Pass and Internat'l Monthly Plan

I recently traveled to Spain (and only Spain).  As I have on past trips, I set up my phone to use the $40 monthly plan that includes 100 mins talk, 100 text and 100 mb data. When I arrived, I received a text saying that Travel Pass had been activated. No realizing what happened, I continued to use my phone for 6 days. Upon returning home, I see I have been charged $40 for the monthly plan AND and additional $60 for using Travel Pass for 6 days for a total of $100.

So, I now am paying twice for using the same thing. What did I miss and why was this not explained to me when I signed up online to use the Monthly international plan.  I am furious!

Re: Confusion Regarding Travel Pass and Internat'l Monthly Plan
Customer Service Rep

Jamonduo, I do understand purchasing the monthly pricing plan and being charged for the travel pass and monthly pricing plan can be frustrating. I certainly want to ensure this billing concern is resolved for you. I would need to take a further look into your account. I have sent you a direct message to gain full access to your account. Please be on the lookout.



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