Cruise Bill - $4K Dollars! We did everything right,

My family and I called Verizon to ensure that we would not incur any high charges while on a 7 night cruise. We were told to purchase travel pass,  turn off cellular, turn off data roaming and turn on airplane mode and we would be fine. We did all of that and purchased the ships internet package to use Wi-Fi on our devices and make Wi-Fi phone calls. We returned home from the cruise and received our bill for $4,352.31! I immediately called Verizon as this must be a mistake and they said that 1 of the 7 devices showed international roaming charges and taxes for $4,000.00. I said that we used internet on the ship and ensured all devices remained in airplane mode. They claim that one device on the plan must of went out of airplane mode and during a Wi-Fi call the ship’s Wi-Fi dropped and the device used the ships towers. They offered 25% off of the bill as it must have been an “accident”. No one in Verizon customer service seems to be able to help. Who can afford a 4K cell bill - payment or not. I am extremely disappointed and in need of help and option. Any thoughts from the group on my next steps for help?? I have cruised several times in the past and never had this problem. 

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Re: Cruise Bill - $4K Dollars! We did everything right,
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We understand how important it is to get these charges sorted out. Our team is here to get a fresh set of eyes on the situation, to address your billing more in depth.