Devices loosing connection through 2.4G
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I've been running my Vz 5G ASK-NCQ1338FA router for over a month or so with wi-fi in SON mode with no connectivity issues between 5G and 2.4G devices. However since about a week or so ago, all my 2.4G devices lost their connection to the router. I tried to manually reconnect them with no luck. I then disabled SON to broadcast two independent SSIDs for 5G and 2.4G so that I could pick between the two. The impacted devices (i.e. 2x Ring cameras, 1 AC control and 1x GE oven) did connect and then lost their connection a few hours later. I do have a TP-Link  E120 extender downstairs but the issue occurs with or without the extender. I have a feeling that somehow the router is reaching its 10-device max capacity for 2.4G and blocking registrations. Cleaning the device list and restarting the router helps but eventually the devices loose connection again after a few hours. Any clue on this issue could be and how to address?

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