Errors in VZ online international trip planning tool

Beware when using the online international trip planner tool.

For my specific situation, the VZ web site reported incorrect rate and plan information, and incorrectly indicated that my phone was "good to go", i.e. compatible with international service (its not - needs 3G card first).

Steps to the errors:

1)  Click on "International Usage and Services", a pulldown under "My Plan and Services"

2)  Select my phone that's traveling, in my case a DuraXV Plus by Kyocera

3)  Select the red button on lower left of screen "Verizon Wireless Trip Planner"

4)  Enter country or cruise ship name (adds to list):  "Holland America Eurodam"

5)  Select (via radio button) the Kyocera phone

6)  Press the red "Check Compatibility" button

7)  HERE'S THE FIRST ERROR:  "Your device is good to go".   (note - VZ international phone support expert "Bill" tells me this phone needs to have a 3G card added.  It is definitely NOT "good to go")

😎 Click on link "Show me my Calling Options Now"

9) HERE's THE SECOND ERROR:  Rate for phone calls is listed by the VZ site as $0.00/minute.  (note - VZ international phone support expert says it is $2.99/minute)

So, if I had actually signed up for the plan, my phone would not have worked at all (due to the error in step 7), and if it had worked I would have been charged $2.99 per minute instead of the expected $0.00/minute.

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