Euro Plan?

So, I'm traveling to Italy shortly and want a recommendation on an economical plan while there for a week. I mainly plan to use my phone for checking e-mail, a few texts back to family in the States, and surfing the web on my down time. Anyone?

Re: Euro Plan?
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Traveling can be quite exciting, so let's check that out. To best see your international options, check out this interactive Trip Planner: . You get to see all options specific to you and your phone, along with how to set up the phone, support options (if needed), dialing instructions while in Italy, and more.


For a shorter answer though, based on what you've shared so far, I'd like to suggest looking in to TravelPass. Once activated, you would be able to use the same calling plan you have here in the U.S. for just $10/day. TravelPass sessions are initiated for 24hrs when your phone makes a network connection, so be sure to turn on Airplane Mode & use Wi-Fi if you don't plan on using your phone for the day. Keep in mind that you may see slower speeds after 1/2GB of international data usage, but only for the rest of that day. Buon viaggio for your time in Italy, but let us know if this helps.


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