European travel plans

My wife and I are traveling with another couple to Ireland, Spain, and Portugal for 21 days. I want to be able to call them if we get separated while traveling.  We may need to call each other a dozen or so times while on our trip.  It appears to me that the $40 per month plan would be better than the $10 per day plan.

The Verizon travel planner suggests the $10 per day plan.

If I use the phone for 4 days, the cost would equal the $40 monthly cost.  Am I missing something? 

Also, is there a break if my wife and I both have our phones on a plan?

Re: European travel plans
Customer Service Rep

Hey there! I hope you and your wife have a memorable trip while abroad. There are a few differences between Travel Pass and the $40 plan. While Travel Pass is $10 a day if you use it, It allows you unlimited calls versus 100 minutes with the $40 plan. Here is a link that'll help determine which plan will work best for you and your wife. Also, each line would have it's own travel plan and cost. Does that help answer all your questions?