Germany - Current Coverage

Headed to Germany for 4 months - what should I know about verizon coverage and additional charges?  Info listed in search is 2 years old and things change so quickly I wanted to make sure I have the most up to date info.
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Re: Germany - Current Coverage
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Tempe6825, that sounds like an exciting trip and we hope your travels go well. We are here to assist. Please click on the following web page for information on our international options. A popular option is called TravelPass, which is $10.00 per day to use your current plan as if here in the U.S. In addition, there are two monthly international plans to choose from. $70.00 per month provides 100 minutes, 100 sent text, unlimited received and 0.5GB of data or $130.00 for 250 minutes, 1000 sent text, unlimited received and 2GB of data. Your phone may be capable of using Wi-Fi calling to make and receive free calls to U.S. numbers. Please click on the following web page for information. Does this help?