Has anyone else received a com.android.phone message while in the Bahamas?
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Went to the Bahamas for two days, but set the mobile data off before we departed. My wife has an identical Samsung S8 but we left the data on so she could get calls.

After one day at the BahaMar, using WiFi, my phone locked up with "com.android.phone has stopped". Clicking would not make the message box go away, and it warned me continuously that I had my mobile data off. Then it told me I did not have a Verizon SIM card. And was running so furiously that it ate my battery in two hours.

It smells like the Bahamas phone company is upset with me not letting my phone connect to their network, so I turned off the phone until I got back to New York and my home network. (But no proof and nothing from Verizon)

After getting home, Nope -- still hung up. Backed it up with Smart Switch, then factory reset the phone. The "virus" is gone, but Smart Switch did not back up my downloaded apps and their data. But I have my phone working.

Anybody else find strange viruses in Nassau, the Bahamas? Should we be warning Verizon customers to leave the mobile data on and pay the daily charges??

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Ive had a simaliar thing happen to me a couple of months ago in the Philipinnes except i had the plan for overseas daya usage,  $10 per day  when i got back my V10 wouldny allow me to factory reset! Ill be looking back ibyo it now!