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How do I turn on VZW Wi-Fi calling with cellular radio disabled?

Anybody know of a way to turn on wifi calling when cellular radio is turned off?

Say for example I travel internationally and buy a local SIM card for my iPhone 7.  That works great: I have a local phone number and local rates for communicating in the foreign country.

Now, I'm returning home to USA and I want to use my VZW phone number again over WiFi in the airport.  I want to keep the phone in airplane mode, so that I don't pick up roaming and possibly the $10/day charge.

However, when I swap my VZW SIM back into my phone, wifi calling is not enabled (it was enabled when I popped the SIM out of the phone, but it appears not to be persistent).  The only way I can find to enable wifi calling is through the settings app, Phone->Wi-Fi Calling.  But this is disabled when in airplane mode.

Re: How do I turn on VZW Wi-Fi calling with cellular radio disabled?
Customer Support

We know how important it is to have options for avoiding roaming when you can, j_kohl. We are very sad to say though once the Verizon SIM is removed, it needs to reactivate while connected to our network for Wi-Fi calling to work again.

Once you are back in the U.S. you can re-install the SIM, after it refreshes with our network Wi-Fi calling will be available once again. When traveling out of the U.S. you would need to keep the Verizon SIM card installed in the phone for Wi-Fi calling to continue working. Swapping the SIM would disable the option.


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