How does data work on the $10/day international trip planner?

I will be visiting Guam soon and have confirmed through the trip planner that my phone will work there and that with the $10 per day plan I should get unlimited calls/texts but I'm not sure how data would work. Can anyone help me out with this?

Re: How does data work on the $10/day international trip planner?
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Read International Travel FAQs | Verizon Wireless


  • Pay a flat rate for a 24-hour session rather than per minute, message or MB
  • Daily charge only applies on days you use your service outside of the US, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands
  • Daily rate is $5/day in Mexico and Canada* and $10/day in other TravelPass countries
  • Use your minutes, messages and data allowances from your domestic plan
  • High speed data applies for the first 512 MB/day with 2G reduced speeds thereafter

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Re: How does data work on the $10/day international trip planner?
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bryanbkg, Guam definitely sounds like an exciting trip! We understand the importance  of making sure you have a good understanding on how the data works while utilizing the travel pass feature. Allow us to further go over the details. Ann154 has shared great insight on how your services will work with the travel pass feature. While you are traveling in Guam, you will be able to utilize high speed data for the first 512 MB per day. Your data speeds will then reduce to 2G speeds  until your next travel pass session activates. Does this information help clarify your concern?



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