How long will WiFi calling stay enabled without connection to cellular

I’m traveling abroad in Europe for an extended amount of time. I have recently arrived in Europe only to find Verizon WiFi calling and texting have worked flawlessly! I’ve been very impressed with the service and it feels like I am still at home in the states. I realize you need to be connected to the Verizon network (US) in order to be able to authorize WiFi calling and you need to keep the original SIM card in your phone for this to work. How long will the WiFi calling continue to work before my authorization goes stale and I need to reconnect to the network back home? 

I will be home once every three months. I plan to keep my account through Verizon for the duration I am in Europe so it would be nice if I had the option to use my number natively through Verizon apps or services. There’s always the option to forward my number to a virtual US number that will route to my phone over VOIP but Verizon native options would be preferable. Any recommendations would be appreciated! 

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