Incoming calls to my phone in The Netherlands...

I'm traveling to The Netherlands next week and I already have the Travel Plan and all from Verizon, but my question is about incoming calls to my number while I'm in Holland. While I'm there will my US number will be treated as a Dutch domestic number? A Verizon rep said my contacts in Holland would have to check with their carriers to see if calling my US number while I'm in Holland will result in international long distance rates for them. Anybody have hands-on experience with this who might be able to shed some light? I want to give friends and contacts in Holland an idea what to expect. Thanks!

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Your US number would only remain domestic for other US numbers calling you, regardless of your physical location.  For example- If you have a number from New York and are in the Netherlands when receiving a call from family back home that would still be a domestic call for them. If a Netherlands citizen is calling your New York number from their Dutch number that would always be an international call, regardless of your physical location.

Most providers don't include international calling to numbers of countries overseas, so an option to consider that some prefer in certain situations would be to activate a prepaid SIM with an international carrier in the country they're traveling to. That way, you could use a local Dutch number & plan with their SIM in your phone instead of your US one

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Tenoringa, your upcoming trip to the Netherlands sounds amazing. We understand the importance of having wireless service while traveling and understanding how you will be billed. Travel Pass is definitely covered while in the Netherlands. When using your phone in the Netherlands with Travel Pass, usage will be taken from your plan allowance.  However, when local numbers in the Netherlands call you, your number would still remain the same and still be considered a long distance number to local numbers in the Netherlands. To determine the amount they will be billed when calling you, they would need to reach out to their service provider. For more information on Travel Pass click,




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