International Phone Minutes - Unreasonable charges

Hello Verizon Team,

We have been loyal customers with Verizon for over a decade. We experienced a billing issue which was only partially resolved over the phone. Can someone please help us resolve this issue? Here is the situation: 

Last month, I flew overseas. I immediately received a text message from Verizon after I tried calling my mom. I have an iPhone 8. The subsequent text after the failed phone call was regarding TravelPass, Verizon's go-to international plan. So, at that moment, I became aware that I would be unable to make international calls unless I purchased TravelPass. I chose not to purchase TravelPass.

Instead, I used my hotel's WiFi to call only those who also had iPhones. The only way I was able to make these phone calls was because of WiFi. And up until I received my bill, I was under the assumption that those WiFi calls were free. I never received any text/notifications during my trip telling me that I was being charged for the WiFi phone calls I had made. 

I was charged $91.29 for international minutes. Again, I was not notified of these charges during my trip. I had 0 idea that the calls I was making were going to be charged because I was using WiFi to make them, and not Verizon's service. I was told by a rep that sometimes the phone will stop using WiFi during a call. I don't know whether that is true, but nevertheless, had I had known that I was being charged, I would have purchased the $10/day TravelPass. But since I thought I was making free calls, I did not purchase it. I would like a full refund for this charge. I appreciate anyone's help. Thank you. 

- Anahit

Email: [email address removed per the Verizon Terms of Service]

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Re: International Phone Minutes - Unreasonable charges
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for taking the time to bring this concern to our attention. We understand your concerns, and we're happy to review this further with you. To get started, we've sent a Private Note.  MatthewI_VZW

Re: International Phone Minutes - Unreasonable charges

I signed up for Unlimited Welcome at the $77-$80 quoted.

I made two brief calls international calls from US to Ireland  my first month using Verizon and the calls  did not appear on my first bill and paid.  I was impressed as it appeared that international calling was included in Unlimited Welcome. Not so quick month (2) I called same International number for 38 minutes and now there is a $77 dollar charge for international calls. That's $1.99 per minute. Insane, I would never agree to such a charge.

Spent an hour struggling with a phone number to call, dealing with an app to complain, then I get disconnected, and then I get a message thanks for your payment.

Checking further I now realize that I should have bought the $10 to cover international calls. The information is not clear. 

Getting no satisfaction here, I am reviewing my options.