International Plan questions

questions related to international calling plan options:

1.  For the monthly plan - when does the month start, the day of your billing cycle or the day you request it

2. Is the monthly rate per phone?  We will have 4 family members traveling to Europe and all would like the ability to use phone, text, data.  We each phone be charged the monthly rate of $70 or is it $70 for all phones and data and text usuage will be shared?

3.  If we do the daily travel pass of $10 / per day is that charge per phone or total for the all phone on the plan?

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Re: International Plan questions
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1) Fixed rates are based off the day of adding it. For example: If you added the feature 05/28, the billing for it will go till 6/27 You see the charge for it on the billing cycle the end date falls under.


2) International plans are on a per line basis. You could have a fixed rate plan on one line and Travelpass on another.


3) See above.