International Roaming Charges without Customer Approval
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Recently Verizon charged International Roaming Charges without Customer Approval .

We were not aware that Verizon service will work in India and we used Travel pass as and when required. When my family came back home surprisd to get  $800+ bill.

Spend 5+ hours on Chat and Customer Service with different answers . No resolution yet.

Verizon offered to change Roaming to Travel pass but we never fully used Travel Pass so why pay that amount.

Regarding Roaming, that we never asked for, also  worked randomly & not when my family needed, so confused why to pay  so much to Verizon.

When calling Verizon I can sense they deliberatly ask you to wait for hours so you will give up eventually.

Currently evaluating different carrier options and also seeking legal help as I am very upset with Customer Service .

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Re: International Roaming Charges without Customer Approval
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akt1, I definitely understand that having unexpected charges on your account can be quite alarming. We do want to get to the bottom of this and make sure we provide you with the best resolution to your situation. So let me ask you a couple of questions. How many lines were traveling? Also, did you set up TravelPass before traveling to India?