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I need to verify my account for my WhatsApp messenger and to do this I must receive a text message. I do not plan to use TravelPass or data, I just need to receive one text message. Is there any way to do this without paying for a full 24hours of TravelPass or another plan.

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It would depend on where the phone is located when it receives the text message

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KATCON30, we also want you to be able to receive the text message to your mobile device to verify your account information for the WhatsApp messenger option. I can certainly understand your concerns about incurring a service charge for using the TravelPass service to do so.

Please keep in mind that TravelPass doesn't work while you're inside the USA, as a result you would not incur a charge for its service. Additionally, when using TravelPass and traveling outside the USA (In TravelPass eligible countries), "Incoming texts" do NOT start a TravelPass session.

As a friendly reminder, if you are traveling outside of the USA and using TravelPass:

A 24 hour session is triggered by: Outgoing/Incoming call (The call must be answered.), Outgoing text, and data usage including background data/automatic updates. Does this provide clarity? - RobertC_VZW

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