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My husband and I will be traveling to Israel in a few months.  We will be there for 9 days.  I have an iPhone 7 and an Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular and he has an iPhone XR.  What do you recommend we add so that we can use these during our trip?  Mostly they will be used for texting but may need for calling as well. 

Re: International Travel
Verizon Employee

Hello Bethsportsmomma,

I hope your trip to Israel will be a wonderful one. 9 days is a great amount of time. Do you plan on needing to use both of your phones and watch every day? If so, how much? Will you only be in Israel or do you plan on stopping over in another country?

You can also use our International Trip Planner right here: International Trip Planner | Verizon Wireless


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