International calling plan
I wish all CSR were trained properly, so we can be advised correctly. For example, I called a few days ago, CSR explained to me very well how to turn off Mobile Data and on Airplane Mode when travel overseas to avoid paying $10 per day if you don't have to. But I forgot how to do it, so I called again tonight, the lady did not know or understand the features completely and kept misguiding me, I got so frustrated and asked to speak to another CSR, she then hanged up on me, then texted me that she would call me back. I was still on the phone and saw the text figuring not to lose that call since it was still running, but not one call came in. After awhile, I had to call in again - not very happy with her performance. OMG, James is so good and knowledgeable, he knew exactly what I wanted and gave me everything I needed, even allowed me to rephrase everything he said, so that I could truly understand how the whole thing work. Very Happy With James! Thank you James so much!
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Re: International calling plan
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Thank you for your feedback, it is always taken into consideration and helps us to improve your experience in all our service platforms. We understand the importance of knowing your options to avoid additional charges, or to have access to your service while traveling. We apologize for the inconsistencies with our representatives. For future reference, please save our Trip Planner link, this will allow you to select the best possible option, provide you with support numbers, dialing instructions, device settings, and more.

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