International plan--are calls and texts to phones within family plan covered?

My family and I are traveling this summer--few days in Europe, and a week on a Mediterranean cruise.  We have six phones between us.  I will be getting the international plan on my phone for $10 a day to use our family's data, unlimited calls and text while on land, and will have the pays-as-you-go option while on the ship.  My children will need a plan that we can call and text each other while on land (not necessarily needed on the ship) just in case we get separated, or just to be in communication.  I was thinking of getting the international $25 a month plan, IF calls between us are covered for free.  My husband was told by a Verizon rep that calls were free between phones with the international plan, but I would like to verify.  Thank you

Re: International plan--are calls and texts to phones within family plan covered?
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MARTAR43, it's exciting to hear that you and your family will be taking a vacation throughout Europe. I appreciate the details provided for your trip and will help clear up any concerns you have. The $25 travel feature that provides 100MB of data and the standard Pay-As-You-Go rates for calls/text does not include free calls/text between other lines on the account. This is the case regardless if the $25 feature exists between the lines or not. The reason calls are not free is due to the fact that any calls placed while traveling overseas are considering roaming charges, as you are not using the Verizon Wireless network whenever you're outside of the U.S. 


TravelPass or the $40 per line feature that provides 100 minutes, 100 texts and 100MB of data would be the next best options in this scenario. Please reference our Online Trip Planner below for any additional options before you leave for your trip. I hope this helps answer your question and that you find this information beneficial.



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