International roaming charges
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My husband and I traveled to Portugal for one month. I purchased the $100 one month travel pass to use my phone overseas. On my husbands phone I turned off cellular data roaming and put it on airplane mode. When we returned and looked at our cell phone bill we were charged for international roaming charges on his phone. He did use his phone when we had Wi-Fi at the hotel for Wi-Fi calling. When I contacted Verizon customer support they told me that sometimes when the Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough it will switch over to use cell data. I don’t understand how this can happen when we have airplane mode on and cellular data and roaming turned off. Can someone please help me so we do not encourage roaming charges again

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Re: International roaming charges
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Shelley, it is important to know what you are being charged for. A Travel Pass session can be triggered in a matter of seconds, if the airplane mode was turned off for even 2 or 3 second and you have automatic update or use any data then it will start a session. You can follow this link for more details, Please let us know if this helps.