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I am going to Costa Rica with my two young children. They won't be texting or calling, but I'd like them to be able to use their devices for playing games -- though I hope to restrict them to using the hotel's wifi as much as possible. I will need to use my phone for texting my significant other and for accessing my Maps app, but don't plan to use it much otherwise. A few questions, really:

1. Is the $10/day travel pass in addition to my regular monthly charges?

2. Will I get charged for my kids using wifi?

3. Will there be international roaming or other hidden fees I need to be aware of?

4. Is there a family plan that would cover all of us instead of individual devices?


Re: International travel family plan

1 - yes

2 - Verizon does not charge you for wifi usage.

3 - no

4 - no

Re: International travel family plan
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SABD'A38, a trip to Costa Rica sounds wonderful. I have always wanted to go there. I would be more than happy to answer your questions regarding your trip. Rcschnoor was correct with his answers to your questions. Thank you rcschnoor for your input. The TravelPass for $10.00 per day is in addition to your monthly charges. Verizon does not charge for WiFi, so your kids will not accumulate WiFi charges. If you get TravelPass you will not have any hidden fees or extra international roaming charges. The only time you could receive additional international roaming charges is if you call a country that is not Costa Rica or the US. There currently is not a family travel plan. That is a great idea though. Here is a link to all the international plans we have to offer: You can also get all the answers to any questions regarding TravelPass here: Is this beneficial?


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