Iphone 6 in Brazil - "Searching" forever - First used and registered in Apple with a Verizon's chip

I'm Brazilian and I bought an Iphone 6 two years ago in an Apple Store in USA. The first chip I used on the phone was Verizon, so in Apple system the phone is registered as Verizon's. When I got to Brazil I changed for a local carrier and it worked normally. The problem is that two days ago, my service just stopped working. It keeps on searching mode and never finds signal. I did everything Apple and forums on the internet told me to do and nothing worked. Finally, in contact with Apple support, they found out there is still a connection with Verizon, and that seams to be the reason the iPhone doesn't recognize any other chip, like it is locked or something. I can't call Verizon because I'm in Brazil and I need assistance from them, but there is no email available ou chat with a real person. How can a talk to someone from Verizon to find a solution for my problem?

Re: Iphone 6 in Brazil - "Searching" forever - First used and registered in Apple with a Verizon's chip
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Thank you so much for reaching out to us j_mattos regarding this matter. We are here to assist with any issues for devices that are currently connected to our network. All of our 4G devices come unlocked so your device should continue to work with a local carrier in your area. If you are having trouble with your service, we recommend reaching out to your local carrier to make sure the settings are correct on their end as there would be nothing we would have to prevent you from using their service. Unfortunately we do not have support for devices that are activated with another carriers SIM card.


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