Lied to by sales rep
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I traveled to India from USA and paid for the $100 international roaming and data plan. When I came to India, I received zero network connection and could not call or use internet on my phone. So I called in the same week, and requested that they cancel this service because what’s the point of paying $100 if I still have to buy a local phone and pay additional money. The rep or staff who was talking to me, said they will remove the plan and then asked me if I wanted a “protection plan for $17 per line”, to which I replied no. After the chat, I received a notification that they went ahead and added it without my permission anyway. This resulted in me having to spend 3-4 hours chatting with several staff and finally someone told me they will remove it. Weeks later, the charges/plans are still on my account. In addition, I told them I will only be using WIFI calling and to not add ANY international plan on my account but now I have a new international plan that charges me $10 any day I make a call that would have been free with the WIFI calling. I have had nothing but trouble with Verizon staff who continue to lie to me, add plans on my account without my permission, and then lie more that they have done what I requested. I really like Verizon otherwise because of the great network while in US, but these are way too many issues to have on ONE single trip and I wasted days of my travel just trying to find someone who would actually help me and not lie! Is there anyone who even cares?

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