Long distance while abroad

If I am abroad using the $10 per day Travel Pass, will phone calls I make within that foreign country incur long distance charges if I don't have a long distance plan?  For example, if I go to the UK and use Travel Pass while there, and I call, let's say, a hotel in the UK while I'm in the UK, is that UK-to-UK call considered a long distance call that will incur charges because I'm using a US telephone number on Travel Pass?

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Re: Long distance while abroad
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jerzykb, it is important to have clear information regarding your account when traveling abroad. Travel Pass is a feature that is available that allows access to your domestic plan to use while international. The $10 per day fee will allow you to place calls within the country you are traveling as well as call back to the US and is covered by the $10 fee with no additional long distance charges. Please see the link below for more information and let us know if you have any questions.