Lousy service Internatinational Data to India/UAE

I just wanted to inform you about my experience with data services while using Verizon Wireless while traveling in India/UAE.

I have Verizon Wireless for past several years (6+ years).  Past December I was traveling to India/UAE for 15+ days.  I checked with VerizonW and they seem to have a plan for $10 a day for unlimited access to data/call to the above mentioned countries.  We have 4 phones in our families we were using for Verizon Wireless.  Rather than getting a SIM cards  in India from local companies, we decided to go with VZW.  Unfortunately they did not work.  I was able to make calls, but could not get any 3G/4G any where in the INDIA or UAE.  We were with other folks who had local data services and there worked flawlessly except the ones with VZW.

By the time we were done with our trip, we have over $200 in our bill for VZ wireless and it was useless.  When we complained it to VZW once we got back home, there only answer was we are very sorry for your inconveniences there is nothing we can do because we contract the local companies to provide you with the services...  The other folks that I mentioned above who were using the local companies happen to be using the same companies that were providing the access to us, but it was not working for us. while they were not having any issues (I think the company was Vodaphone and one more, but cannot remember).

Not sure if other folks had the same problem, but it is a disgrace for Verizon to provide such a <<removed>> service and not even acknowledge it.


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