Military Reconnect Suspended Line While Overseas
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I am currently deployed to Djibouti from the US, and as soon as I arrived I went ahead and suspended the service on my line. However, thanks to 2-factor authentication, I need access to my SMS temporarily so that I can access a very important account of mine. I logged in and reconnected my line on the Verizon website, which said it would take up to an hour.

It has now been 5 hours and my service hasn't resumed. I'm worried this is because I am overseas and not within a US service area. Is there an additional step I need to do to ensure that I can send/receive text messages while overseas? I understand that I will probably incur additional charges since this is international, but I don't mind paying so long as I can re-suspend my account afterwards...

I am posting this here because the Verizon support chat doesn't seem to work with my VPN connection and I also can't login to the Verizon app on my phone without access to my own phone number for 2-factor authentication. I'm at a loss here...

any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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Re: Military Reconnect Suspended Line While Overseas
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Thank you for your service. Verizon Wireless is committed to help and provide you with the best option while you are deployed. To better assist you, we will send you a Private Note. Please respond as soon as possible.