Monaco phone didnt work

My family and I have been in southern France for 2 weeks with the International Plan and have had no problems. Yesterday, we went to Monaco for the day and none of our internet worked. We received the message once we entered the country that we had the International Plan, but the phones never worked. We turned off and on, I checked all of my network settings and all seemed fine. As soon as we drove back to France internet on phones worked again. (We never tried to place a call in Monaco.) What was the problem, or is there something that we should have done in Monaco for it to work? When we drove to Spain, there were no's just Monaco.

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Re: Monaco phone didnt work
Customer Service Rep

Hello Renmur, That sure sounds like a great trip.  We are glad you are back to a working area. 

When moving from country to country, it is sometimes necessary to verify the carrier in the settings. 

I am sure you already have roaming on, but take a look here. Ensure your device's roaming settings are turned On. If roaming settings are off, your device may not be able to use Verizon data or voice services internationally. For iOS devices, go to Settings, Cellular, and turn on Voice and Data roaming.

- Jose