Monthly International plan duration/charges
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Good morning,

I just want to ask regarding the monthly international plan, not TravelPass.

If I add the plan ($40 to Europe), during the last few days of my celular plan cycle, when would my account be charged? Is the expiration date a calendar 30 days since adding or using the plan? And would my account be charged another $40 after my account cycle starts again? The trip will lasts only 12 days. Thank you in advance.

Re: Monthly International plan duration/charges
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RAFBUS49, you are taking exactly the right steps in doing this research before your travels. We will be happy to guide you along the way. When adding the International $40.00 plan, this is a "Monthly" feature. This means, that it will be added for a one-month charge unless you choose otherwise. For example, if you add the plan on the 15th of the month, this would be removed on the 14th of the following month for which you would see that single plan charge. The plan is not prorated but simply set to be in place for that "Month" time frame. You may view details on this plan at I hope that this helps to explain.  

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