Moto Z Force Droid GSM doesn't access mobile data in India

Hello,  I am travelling in India.  I checked with Verizon help line before I came to India who said yes my phone is not locked.  I am using an airtel sim card which works great in the Samsung J600 it came in purchased in India.

In Chennai, the Moto Z Force worked great using airtel card.  I started having connectivity issues when I arrived in Hyderabad.   It was then I realized that my network settings preference were 4GLTE / CDMA.  In Hyderabad when I didn't have service the phone prompted me to set to global mode which I did.  The phone then connected and I could make calls but do not have mobile data access.  I did not check SMS.  If I set my network preferences to global or to GSM / LTE / UMS etc. I get the same result.  It will connect and I can make calls but I have no mobile data access.

I have used the Verizon Sim in the past with international plan and it worked on H+ network on this phone... (I assume this is GSM). 

IF I put the Airtel SIM in and set to CDMA / LTE in Hyderabad. I do get 4G LTE service but there are dead spots where I have no service.

I have changed APN info according to multiple website information.  I also set the same APN as the Samsung J600 purchased in India.

I would prefer to use my own Moto Z Force phone with the company provided SIM from Airtel.  It works fine in Chennai and ok in Hyderabad on CDMA / LTE with Airtel Sim.  However when set in global mode it connects for phone calls but NOT mobile data.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Re: Moto Z Force Droid GSM doesn't access mobile data in India
Customer Service Rep

We understand the need to be connected for all things, DWZKD. All of the detail you provided is fantastic. We can tell you’ve done your homework on this. You’re on the right track when it comes to the settings, too. While it’s accurate to say the Moto Z Force is not locked, you’ve already discovered that not all services are guaranteed to work when using the device on another carrier’s network and SIM card. We suggest contacting Airtel to determine the best options for you to use the device in Hyderabad.



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