My CarLinkit device IMEI is not compatible with Verizon network
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I am unable to activate a Verizon 4G SIM on an Android 12 CarLinkIt device that I had planned to use in my Kia EV6. I know that it supports Verizon frequencies and the SIM that I purchased seems to be connecting as a prepaid device. Is there something that can be done to register this device on the Verizon network?

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I, too, purchased a Carlinkit device to use with the head unit in my vehicle, using it to create a connected experience for navigation (data) and similar services. I can confirm receiving the same error that another person stated, where Verizon doesn't recognize the IMEI number of my device. I have a valid Verizon 4g SIM card in the unit in question, so my hope and goal is to get this issue resolved in order to add 4g LTE data connectivity to the Carlinkit device. Please help. Thanks.