Need Help ASAP!

Using iPhone 7s with latest IOS 

JUST ARRIVED IN Ireland and am having major issue: cannot phone or get online unless I’m on WiFi  

YES I have Data on and set to Roaming for voice and data. 

NO I am not in Airplane mode. 

YES I have a Travelpass and received a ‘welcome’ message the first time I used the phone abroad  

Having real problems because I’m not able to use phone and internet AT ALL ... unless on WiFi. 

What could be the problem??


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Re: Need Help ASAP!
Customer Service Rep

Being able to use your phone while traveling internationally is very important, Herself44. I am happy to help and it sounds like you've done a fair amount of troubleshooting already. There are some additional settings on your iPhone 7 that I would like to check. Let's ensure that your International CDMA settings are turned off. Below is a link with steps to check your phone:
Once you've turned the International CDMA off, power your phone off and back on and see if you're able to use your phone as needed.

If you're still not able to use your phone, the next setting we will want to check is the network you're connected to. What does your phone show in the upper left corner by the signal bars?