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No 4g after international travel

Hi, I recently returned to the states after traveling to Japan for work.  While I was in Japan, I bought and used a sim card for their Network.  When I returned to the states, I switched back over to my Verizon sim card and have been having trouble ever since.  My data seems to only be able to have a very weak 3G signal (1mb up/0.9mb dw), which drops frequently.  When I returned to America, I contacted tech support and after trying just about everything, I went ahead and just factory reset my phone.  After which, I am still having the same problem.  I only get a weak 3G while in global, or LTE/CDMA.  And whenever someone calls me, my data completely drops.  I have even gone to a Verizon store and received a new sim card.  Still the same issue.  Now, Verizon has told me that I should replace my phone.  I filed a claim for a new one.  But I have to pay $80?  I am paying for insurance, so I don't know why I need to pay $80 deductible.

Re: No 4g after international travel
Master - Level 3

Because the deductible on your insurance policy is $80. It's the same scenario with any insurance situation.

Ex- I pay Geico for car insurance every month. My windshield was hit by a rock and cracked. If I  want to have it fixed my policy has a $500 deductible.

Re: No 4g after international travel
Customer Service Rep

Mister_Midnight, we want you to have the service you need. Did you change any of your Settings in the device when you traveled?