No service after returning to US

I travelled from the US to Europe twice this summer and had an International Plan for both trips.  On both trips, upon touching down in the US and trying to exit airplane mode my phone would not re-connect to the network.  Wi-fi still worked (thankfully) but I otherwise had no network service.  

On the first trip, I contacted Verizon customer service a day after getting home and the problem was "fixed" by my resetting network settings.  

On the second trip, experiencing the same problem I again reset my network settings to regain service.

My phone is a Google Pixel 3. 

I'm posting here to see how widespread this problem might be, and hopefully to spur Verizon to fix it.


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Re: No service after returning to US
Customer Service Rep

We want to make sure you have the service you need when you're on our Network in the U.S. kj00_00. So sorry to hear about the issues you're having when you return from your trip. What error do you get when trying to make a call, send a text or access data? Send us a private message with details.