No voice capability in South Africa last week using TravelPass

My wife and I were in 3 countries in Africa from May 11-28, and did not need TravelPass service until we got to Cape Town, South Africa.  We contacted Verizon Global Customer Support by voice call and signed up both our phones at $10/day each.   However, while we were able to receive calls from the US and make calls to the US, and we were able to call local numbers in Cape Town, we were not able to call each other at all! Also, calls coming from the US were unidentifiable: they all appeared to be a South African phone number (different each time!), so we had to pick up every call just to see who it was, even if it was one we would have declined otherwise.  

We contacted Verizon about this and they started a ticket on it, asked us to switch networks (we were on Vodacom, tried MTN also, both of which the Verizon rep said they had carrier agreements with), asked us to reboot phones, etc. and the problem was never resolved.  I kept getting text messages almost daily that a ticket was still open and the problem was being investigated, that they were in touch with tech people at the local carriers, and I even got a voice call from Verizon support after we got home telling me they still hadn't figured out what the problem was. 

This was a major issue for my wife and me because I ended up in the hospital for 7 days (had to extend our return home by 3 days), and as you can imagine, it was very important for my wife and I to be able to communicate when she was, for example, at our hotel and trying to reach me in my hospital room. It's a lot harder to type out text from a hospital bed than to explain what the doctor or nurse recommended in a voice call.

The charges for TravelPass will be on my next Verizon bill at $20/day X 7 days, but I will definitely be calling them to discuss why they think they should be billing me for this complete breakdown in service that they never were able to explain or resolve.  It was very stressful given my hospital situation.  By the way, the hotel had great wifi and the hospital had kind of slow wifi, but we were able to stay in contact via text, but that was not thanks to Verizon or the local carriers because it was entirely on wifi.  No need to pay for TravelPass for that!

Re: No voice capability in South Africa last week using TravelPass
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We know how important is to have reliable service while traveling, and we truly regret the bad experience during your last trip to Africa.  We would like to take a closer look to our options to help in your situation.   Maria_VZW
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