Poor customer experience with dishonest service

I recently traveled for work and contacted Verizon to disable my International Plan so that I would not be charged while traveling. 

My first chat they told me that my international plan was disabled and I would not be charged. 

When arrived at my travel destination, I receive a text message saying I would be charged $10/per day for travel pass. This doesn't make sense as I requested for all international plans to be disabled from my account so I would not be charged these fees. So I contacted Verizon once again, and they told me they disabled Travel Pass and any international plans so I would not be charged, but I could still make Wi-Fi calls without being charged.

A few days pass, and I receive another text saying that I would get charged per minute for every international call. This immediately prompts me to call Verizon and ask what the heck is going on as I requested for no international coverage. When talking to the rep, they told me to rest assured that I would not be charged for my Wi-Fi calls. 

Finally, when I receive my bill I get notified that I will be charged $232.70 for international usage, even though I requested to disable my international coverage. 

I reach out to Verizon once again and they told me I have to reach out to the Financial team to request a refund. I stay on the line with them for nearly 2 hours until they tell me they made a mistake and that the department is closed.

Has anyone experienced this and been able to get a hold of someone to resolve these charges? I'm in disbelief and highly displeased with this service. I've been getting nothing but dishonest service and I'm near the edge of cancelling my service and going to another provider. 


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