Problem with IPAD connecting with international travel

My wife is traveling in England.  Before she left home, I made sure that she had International Travel on both her phone and IPad (both on Verizon).  Her phone works fine, and her IPad will work when connected to Wi-Fi, but she cannot connect using her Verizon data on the IPad.  She has switched the Data and WiFi settings back and forth on the Settings page, but it makes no difference, her IPad will not connect with Verizon Data.

Any ideas?


Re: Problem with IPAD connecting with international travel
Customer Service Rep

JOSMCA21, we definitely want to make sure that your wife is able to enjoy her iPad while traveling abroad. We'd be happy to assist. In order to ensure that we can provide the right steps to get this corrected, can you please verify the specific model of iPad that she's using? Also, may I ask if she's currently running into any error messages when trying to use the cellular data?


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