Re: Strategies for keeping Travel Pass usage under control?

I will be traveling in Bolivia with travelpass. Want to be able to receive calls from home at any time (or most of the time), including where no wi-fi. So I would have to leave phone OUT of airplane mode.  I don't mind incurring the $10 daily charge but do not want to incur additional roaming/ data charges for app updates or whatever else goes on in the background. This has happened to me on previous trips. How to avoid? What specifically should be turned off? This is an iphone SE.

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Re: Strategies for keeping Travel Pass usage under control?
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Travel pass allows you to use your domestic plan in another country that is covered by travel pass. The only time you’re going to incur charges is if you are connecting to towers in a country that is not covered by travel pass.  
    You also should be aware that Wi-Fi calls to home may be free because calls are treated as if you were still in the United States. If you make calls to numbers in Bolivia it is not roaming it is long distance and you’ll be charged long distance charges.

   The only other way you will exceed your $10 per day is if your domestic plan is limited and you exceed the limits of your domestic plan.

if your domestic plan does have a limited amount of data, and you are concerned about exceeding that, turn off mobile data. This will not prevent calls or texts but it will prevent you from getting unwanted extra data charges.

Re: Strategies for keeping Travel Pass usage under control?
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We know how important it is to stay connected while traveling. The only additional charge you would see above the $10 a day, would be if you add additional high speed data. But we will send you a text asking if you would like this added, it is not automatically added without authorization. As far as apps, we recommend turning off automatic updates, or setting it up to only update over Wi-Fi.