Receive calls from US with Travelpass, but limit data use?

I will be traveling to Ireland and Scotland soon.  I've added the Travel Pass international plan, set to start the day we arrive.  Because I have a hospitalized family member, I need to be able to receive phone calls at all times -- so I will not be able turn off roaming on my Iphone 7. My normal data usage is far below the amount provided by my plan, so I shouldn't have to worry.  But I keep reading that some folks with iPhones say their reported data use seems much higher when they travel internationally than it would have been with the same use domestically.  I probably won't need to use data that often ... is there a setting I can use to be able to always be able to receive phone calls but not run up crazy data use?

Re: Receive calls from US with Travelpass, but limit data use?
Customer Service Rep

I understand the importance of having the ability to minimize your data usage while traveling internationally. Allow us to help. To avoid data usage and still receive calls and texts, I recommend you disable cellular data which will restrict data connectivity. Otherwise, you can use an available wifi connection to avoid data usage I hope this is beneficial.  


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