SIM Card for Traveling To Jakarta Indonesia

I will be traveling to Jakarta Indonesia and wanted to find out what are my options for my Samsung Galaxy Note 8, instead of paying the crazy $10 per day for international coverage.  Can I use a SIM card from there while I am there?  Suggestions?  Options??

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If you don't want to use the TravelPass option ($10 per 24 hour period if used, but no charge on days it isn't used) there are bundled plans with VZW as well ($40 for 100 minutes/messages/MB of data or $85 for 250min/messages/MB) that would run for 30 days but just don't give anywhere near as much data as you would get on the TravelPass feature. You can use more data than the 100 or 250MB but it is very expensive (at $25 for every 100MB used after the allowance).

Your other option is to sign up for a local prepaid service while you are there, but that will have you using an Indonesian number and not your usual U.S. mobile number.....