Studying abroad student wanting to use Australian SIM card... does not work


I'm studying abroad in Australia and I was told that my phone should work with a local provider's SIM card. However, I've tried the top three places around me and all three of them say "SIM card is not from Verizon Wireless". I have a friend who also carries a Verizon phone and her's does not work either. The employee at one of the provider's shop told us that many of the military men from America with a Verizon phone also will not work with their SIM card.

I was researching a bit and the only reason I can find is something about the frequency?? I am a little confused about that and was wondering if that was the problem and if there was a way to fix it. Shouldn't all phones be able to handle a set frequency? Or at least why isn't there a universal frequency especially in a developed place...? I have an HTC 10; I tried a website that tests if my phone will work and it said it should, although I'm still not quite clear on what I'm testing and what is happening.

Any help and tips will be greatly appreciated!

Re: Studying abroad student wanting to use Australian SIM card... does not work
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It's always important that you have a working phone, sarsen63. While our 4G devices do come unlocked, it is possible that they operate on another network frequency that isn't supported with your device. For more details on our unlock policy, please click here: You've likely already checked, but another step is to make sure Global is selected with your phone. Click here for those steps:


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