Teaching abroad

If we have a family member that goes abroad to teach can we pause their number? I saw the vacation option but that is only for 90 days and they would be gone for a few years, coming back to visit in the summer and winter holiday.

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Re: Teaching abroad
Customer Service Rep

Krisleinen, we want to ensure you have all the details when it comes to temporarily suspending a number. If not suspending services due to a military/peace corps purpose, there isn't an extended option in which to suspend services past 90-days with reduced rate billing. Once the 90-day period does end, the line can remain suspended but billing does resume. Twelve months following the reconnection, a new 90-day reduced rate suspension can occur as there can only be one request during a 12 month time frame. https://www.verizon.com/support/suspend-service-faqs/