Temporary switch to AboveUnlimited?

Hi – I want to temporarily upgrade my Gounlimited plan to Aboveunlimited for an upcoming international 5-day trip…

Any considerations about timing on my to Above?  The trip dates fully fall within my normal billing cycle...  (1) should I upgrade on the start date of my regular billing cycle? (2) how long do I need to stay on Above: can I switch back to Go as soon as I get back from my trip even though it won’t have been a full month? Thank you

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Re: Temporary switch to AboveUnlimited?
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Blue07, it's always an excellent idea to do some planning for your international trip. I'd be asking similar questions, to make sure I had the best plan for my journey. I'll help answer your questions today so that you can pick the best plan for your trip.


If you're looking to take advantage of the 5-TravelPass sessions included with Above Unlimited, you'll want to backdate your plan to the start of your cycle. This way you get the full allocated sessions. If you made a plan change for the same day, during your current cycle, the TravelPass allocated sessions are prorated based on how many days you're active with Above Unlimited. I highly recommend backdating, so you get the full 5-Days included.


You'll want to use the Above Unlimited plan for the entirety of the cycle you're traveling, so you get the full 5-days. You can program a change back to Go Unlimited, to begin on the start of your next cycle date. So you can set your change to the Above Unlimited plan, then set that return to Go Unlimited for the next month right afterward.


You can learn more about the Above Unlimited details and get common questions about the included features and cost, answered at the plan's FAQ page: https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/above-unlimited-faqs/


I hope you find the information I shared useful. Let us know if you have further questions.



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Re: Temporary switch to AboveUnlimited?
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Upgrade to start at the beginning of your billing cycle then have the downgrade start at the beginning of the next billing cycle. You'll save yourself a ton of headaches. Only doing to for 5 days will just make thing messy just to save few $$?