This Nana is going to Germany!

I apologize for my ignorance in understanding everything ive read regarding international usage, i am very unsure about what to do and what not to do so here goes my question...... I currently have a Note 8 with the unlimited data plan. I have no desire or interest in paying for a international plan when i will have access to my daughters phone for calls. My phone is currently set up for data usage and i dont wait for a wifi for anything. First off do i need to change all my settings to reflect only using wifi so i dont get charged for data usage and will i b able to use wifi to make calls if i have to without extra charges? Im kinda new to all this and dont want to come home to a 1000$ bill after spending a month in germany. Lastly is there anything i need to do so while im flying i can watch movies, play games or listen to music without those extra charges? I leave in 3 days so any and all help will b greatly appreciated.

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If you don't want to pay extra for an International Plan (I don't blame you), then your only option is to put your phone in airplane mode and then got to your wifi setting and manually turn that on. You will then be able to connect to wifi hotpots but will have no cellular service for calls, texts, or data.

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That sounds like quite the adventure. I hope you have a great time. Ricco99 was correct that putting your phone in airplane mode will prevent it from connecting to our network. If you do so you won't have to worry about international charges. You can still connect to wi-fi either on your flight or in these other countries if it is available. As for playing games, watching movies, or listening to music, if the files are on the phone you will be able to do that without internet. If those movies and music are pulled from the internet or your games need a data connection you'd need to connect to wi-fi if available.


If you have a wi-fi connection and wi-fi calling is enabled on your phone you can absolutely use that in other countries. Please keep in mind that if you're calling back to the US that will be considered a local call over wi-fi but there would potentially still be charges for calling a German number as there would be in the US. You can see rates and options for that using our trip planner at . You can also view global plans for while you're in Germany in case anything changes and you need to use the phone. 


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Put your phone in airplane mode if you don't want to use cell service. As for the plane trip, you can do things like download movies offline to watch. Netflix allows this to be done for most of their lives movies so you don't burn data.