Travel Pass and charges

I am traveling to Germany for 2 weeks and I want to really understand this plan.

If I don‘t receive or make a call or send a text I will not get charged anything?

If I make or receive a call on a day I can make lets say 5 more calls in that 24 hour period? Does  it matter how long each call lasts? Will there be any other charges for these phone calls?

If I make/receive calls either from friends in Germany or the US on each day of my 14 day stay it will cost me $140?

Re: Travel Pass and charges

Each day you send/receive a text OR send/receive a call OR use any cellular data, you will be charged the $10 TravelPass charge for that day.

It doesn't matter how many you send/receive, the $10 daily charge will cover them according to your current calling plan.

For cellular data, you would be limited to 500 MB/day of 4G data after which you would be limited to 2G data speeds, I believe.

If your phone sees no activity in a day, there would be no $10 charge for that day.

Re: Travel Pass and charges
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We hope you have a great trip and want to ensure you're on the right plan for usage while gone, ulrwal45. Travelpass allows you to use your domestic plan of talk, text, and data for $10.00 a day(24 hours). If the phone is not in use, you would not be billed the $10.00 charge. Once the $10.00 has been triggered, you will use your U.S. plan for usage. As long as you still within that allowance you will not be billed anything additional. If you will be traveling for 14 days and use your phone on all days with travelpass, it will bill $10.00 per day. You can learn more about travelpass here, You can view all international plans here,



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