Travel Pass fraudulent charges

I just returned from a 19 day trip to Portugal to visit my husband’s family. Before going, I specifically called Verizon  to see what our options were. We decided that Travel Pass would be our best option, as we had access to wifi at my in-laws house where we were staying. Almost the entire time we were there, I utilized the wifi, making sure to have my cellular data/roaming turned off, as the agent I spoke to before our trip advised. There were a couple of days when I did have to use Travel Pass, but I came home to a whopping $150 for my line alone! I immediately called Verizon asking them to check my usage because that bill could not be correct. I got the run around several times saying there wasn’t anything they could do to check.

After much insistence on my part and countless minutes on hold, the agent “Glen” was able to pull up the record that I used it for 4, yes FOUR, days! According to Verizon, my receiving THEIR OWN notification texts that my other line (my husband’s number) had initiated a Travel Pass was the catalyst for initiating a Travel Pass for my own line as well! My husband had to take a few work calls, so his line utilized Travel Pass for 12 out of our 19 days. Essentially, every time he used it, Verizon was double-dipping and charging my line as well! If that’s not a rip-off, I don’t know what is! 

At this point, I asked to speak to a supervisor and the agent “Glen” said that they refused to take the call. I then demanded to speak to a supervisor, and he reluctantly went to check for me and came back with the same response- upper management REFUSED to speak with me. That is unacceptable customer service! 

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Re: Travel Pass fraudulent charges
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I am having the same kind of issue. My husband had his Verizon turned on and mine was off. I still got 5 days charged to my account and they will not take the charges off. This didn't happen last year and we did the EXACT same thing.