Travel Pass is a complete rip off
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Verizon should be ashamed to offer such a pathetic international travel product. TravelPass is not even remotely close to competitive with the industry offerings.

TravelPass - $10/day for 0.5GB of data. This is a miniscule amount of data and most smartphone users would use this up in a flash without even realizing it. Throttling to 2G speeds makes using data completely useless and we are forced to pay another $10 for an additional 0.5GB. 

Contrast that to AT&T's International Day Pass, which is $10/day to extend your U.S. plan internationally. If you're on an unlimited plan, that means unlimited talk, text, and high speed data. No throttling, no overage charges. 

Even T-Mobile's plan is wildly more consumer friendly. $50 gets you 15GB of data with no expiration date. To get 15GB of data with Verizon would cost you $300!!!!!!!


It is incredibly frustrating as a frequent international traveler to be stuck with such a pathetic product. Verizon should at least offer a plan with a larger data bucket. Say 2GB a day for $25.


Time to get it together, Verizon!  

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Re: Travel Pass is a complete rip off
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dourourke, we appreciate the details you've shared and always want to ensure we are able to provide international services you can count on. These details are helpful and helps us to design features that you need. Please rest assured I have shared this feedback with our internal team to help improve your experience with our service going forward.