Travel Pass not reliable/doesn't work

My wife is traveling in Italy and landed in Rome.  Her Verizon iPhone 12 Pro was set up with Travel Pass and she in fact has 7 Travel Pass days available.  She received notification that her Travel Pass was activated the first day in Rome but she had trouble making local calls in Italy.  We were able to chat with Verizon support who "resync'd the network" and this helped temporarily but 15 minutes later, she was again unable to make outgoing calls.  She has had to resort to wifi apps (WhatsApp) to communicate and/or use the Apple iMessaging app to communicate.  We contacted VZ support again but they made us to through the usual useless troubleshooting steps and that did not solve anything.  To add insult to injury, my wife got a notification that about $60 will be added to her next bill due to "international usage", unbelievable!  We are long time Verizon customers with 5 lines but seriously will consider switching carriers when we return to the US.  This kind of incompetence is unacceptable.  Basically wasted hours of our vacation time trying to fix this with no resolution.

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Re: Travel Pass not reliable/doesn't work
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WOW, unbelievable, even I have seen that IF you receive a SMS (text message) you will be charged, they advise turn on Airplane Mode in order to avoid any TravelPass activation for a daily $10 fee, this is absurd, other companies have better ways to deal with this, but VZW is the last option while traveling overseas.

Shame on VZW